Spanners DIN 3113, DIN 3110, DIN 838

Spanner is a tool with a shaped opening or jaws that provides a grip for tightening and loosening a fastener, such as a bolt or nut. There are many types of Spanner also known as Wrench, each with a distinctive shaped hook. The most common shapes are called an open-ended spanner and ring spanner. The spanners offered by RP Overseas is comprised with a number of sizes, shapes and dimensions to serve the variegated fastening purposes.

RP Overseas is a trustworthy firm engaged in manufacturing and exporting Spanners worldwide. We offer a vast range of spanners and wrenches, procurable in different sizes and specifications and that can be easily used in various industries. These Spanners provide enough turning force to open pipe connections that have been untouched for many years.

These spanners fabricated from finest quality carbon steel or chrome vanadium steel and imparts hassle free performance. Our commitment is to develop hand tools as per the technical specifications detailed by our clients.